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Do you want a Resolution?

So it’s the beginning of the New Year tonight and with that comes the fun part, the thing(s) we strive to make better in our life, to make this year better than the previous, and the thing most of us unfortunately will have forgotten come February 1st, if not sooner…The New Year’s Resolutions.

 Resolution #1

 I will make a budget & I will stick to it.

 Resolution #2

 I will tithe 10% of my earnings this year.

 Resolution #3

 I will have at minimum a one month emergency fund established by June 1, 2010

 Resolution #4

 Pay off 20% of my total outlying debt (minus financial aid)

 Resolution #5

 I will make Dean’s list both semesters this upcoming year (this isn’t necessarily a financial resolution per se but as I see it, this is an investment in my future and also is a major portion of the money I will be spending in 2010)

 Note: I plan on establishing an emergency fund of at least one month before beginning to pay off any debt, there is no since paying off debt and not having an emergency fund established in my opinion because if knock on wood an emergency should occur I would have to go back into debt to take care of any such emergency.

 So there you have it 5 very challenging but obtainable goals for the upcoming year. What do you plan on changing about your financial situation in the upcoming year? Feel free to share or offer any encouraging words to myself or others.


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